3. June 2011


8X F1.1 Zoom, iPhone Lens – Testing the Results

I don’t see this product often in the market, and the first time I was it was on an plane flight to the Philippines with a stop over in Taiwan on Eva Air and was flipping through their in-flight product catalog. I saw the product was less than $30 and decided it’s not bad for […]

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17. December 2010


A fix for 2nd Level Sons of Suckerfish dropdowns in IE 7 Compatibility Problem

If you ended up on this page, most probably, you are running HTMLDog’s Sons of Suckerfish Dropdowns and you did some compatibility check either by using an old Windows XP computer running multiple IEs, some virtual machine or using MSIE’s developer tools changing browser mode or document mode. I had the same problem with another […]

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4. November 2009


5 Tools That Can Record Your Computer Screen (Screencast/Screen Capture/Screen Grabbing)

Adobe Acrobat Connect To make video presentations of what you are doing on your screen, there are several ways to do this. Currently at my day job, we like using Adobe Acrobat Connect. It is a good software platform that can run on any operating since it is an application service that runs on an […]

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22. April 2013


Do not get caught by phishing emails

Probably more than a thousand people wrote about this already but the reason why it still exist, is because people still get victimized all the time. Some people need tools to figure things out because they are not just aware what if an email is a phishing email or not. But even with the best […]

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19. September 2012

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Why Can’t I Use Adobe Photoshop? No Worries, There’s A Lot of Alternatives

Photoshop has been part of life Adobe Photoshop’s popularity has made Photoshop not only a proper noun, but also as a verb where everyone says it even on TV even if they are not promoting the product. For instance, when people say: “Her head looks like it was photoshopped on that hot sexy body.”That alone already […]

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17. August 2010


Uncovering what a Tire Pressure Warning Light is!

I made a quick trip to the drugstore and used my daughter’s car when I noticed that a U shape icon with an exclamation point is lighted in the dashboard aligned with the other reading meters in the car. This was the very first time that I encountered it so I was clueless as to […]

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14. August 2010


Found My Lucky Lights in the Sky on Friday the 13th

I wonder if anyone of you believes that Friday 13th brings bad luck. Because I do, there haven’t been any major catastrophe that happened to me as far as I can remember but I was made to  believe that if the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday I should expect that something […]

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26. July 2010


HTML Escape Codes for Foreign Languages Accent Letter Marks on English Letters

Looking for a specific letter accent for special characters and needs the HTML escape code equivalent? Spanish or some other Latin-American content you are posting online? Or some other language in Europe? Check out this list, it may have what you are finding. Related PostsVonage VOIP service continues to expand on the East Coast Just […]

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19. February 2009


How not to steal someones web design

A friend and co-worker of mine at BusinessOnLine, an SEO firm, Ronnie Garcia is a fine web designer, nice and clean, and not a bunch of fancy stuff if he feels it is not appropriate. Since the company we work is also a good usability company, he knows when over doing a design is too […]

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2. November 2008


Best and Cheapest Way to Call the Philippines

Being a Filipino, with many friends and relatives in the Philippines, I sometimes need to call someone in the Philippines to their landline of mobile phone. And in some cases, the person I need to contact may not be near a computer or may not even know how to use the computer well like my […]

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12. August 2008


Geeks Ergonomic Female Breast Mouse Pad

if your work seems a little boring, for geeky the dudes out there, this might spice up your excitement a bit, knowing your hand will go all over it everyday, take a look at these mouse pad designs: Related PostsKVM2USB gets rid of the monitor, keyboard and mouse in administering server racksIs your line of […]

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