A fix for 2nd Level Sons of Suckerfish dropdowns in IE 7 Compatibility Problem

Fri, Dec 17, 2010

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HTMLDog Sons of Suckerfish Dropdown IE7 Compatibility Issue

If you ended up on this page, most probably, you are running HTMLDog’s Sons of Suckerfish Dropdowns and you did some compatibility check either by using an old Windows XP computer running multiple IEs, some virtual machine or using MSIE’s developer tools changing browser mode or document mode. I had the same problem with another website and thought I found the solution by Matt of Built From Source although the fix was not working for a 2nd level drop down. What happened was when I initial hover on the top bar menu and the first dropdown is displayed, all second level dropdowns also appear all at the same time.

If Matt’s simple fix to the SuckerFish Dropdown IE7 issue was this:

#menu li:hover, #menu li.hover {
position: static;

I have a simple fix too for the second level. But first thing to mention is, I think the second element #menu li.hover did not really do anything since there is no hover class in my code. So I disregarded that and simply changed my code to this:

#nav li:hover ul{
position: static;
#nav li:hover ul ul{
position: relative;

And like Matt’s solution… VIOLA! The second level is fixed! Still thanks to Matt for giving me a place to start and not relying on IE conditional comments or CSS hacks for IE problems.

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  1. games system requirements Says:

    i’m a old web designer and i hate IE. May be IE9 is good… i don’t care..

  2. Eric Nickus Says:

    Thanks for this little piece of code, it’s great

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