3 Ways on How to Open a Master Combination Lock

Tue, Sep 18, 2007

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If you have a master combination lock which you can’t unlock because you forgot the combination, here are three interesting videos that can help you on how to crack a master combination lock. In order for you to unlock a master combination lock, it will take around 64,000 possible combinations using the trial and error method and that will take approximately 22 days to get the job done. The first two videos that I will show you can guide you on how to hack a master combination lock in approximately 30 minutes by narrowing it down to only 100 possible combinations. The third video on the other hand can provide you with the fastest way to open a master combination lock in just a few minutes.

This first video shows an algorithmic way of opening the lock. This process involves three phases. First phase involves getting the 3rd number of the combination while second and third phases involve getting the first and second numbers of the combination respectively. Now check below the second video.

The steps involved on the second video are quite similar to the one shown earlier but this one shows how you can get the third, first and second numbers real quick. In my opinion, the process is much simpler and more organized than the other.

This final video is the easiest and fastest way to pick a master combination lock. Unlike the former videos, this does not involve any computations and trials. You can use an aluminum can, a softdrink can, a soda can, or a Coke can.

From the three videos shown, do you agree that the brute force method using the drinks can is the best way to open the master combination lock?

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