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Wed, Jul 26, 2006

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Everyone probably knows that a greenhouse is an enclosed area for plants to have controlled conditions ideal for plant life. Although a greenhouse it also known to trap in heat to elevated temperatures higher than the normal temperatures outside the greenhouse. This is caused by direct sunlight entering the greenhouse elevating the temperature inside the greenhouse, but not having any way for the heat to escape and gets trapped, sometimes raising the temperature to conditions that are no longer idea. This is more observable in greenhouses made of glass so greenhouses are often made of some mesh nets to keep the temperature cooler providing free flowing air.

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

The greenhouse-effect is widely known when talking about global warming where a similar effect is observed where gases like carbon monoxide go into the atmosphere forming a layer in the atmosphere that traps heat below this layer and closer to the surface of the earth as heat elevates due sunlight. That is why it is a global concern in lessening the carbon monoxide pollution around the world as consequences can resolve to melting of polar regions causing a rise in water levels. This greenhouse effect is not to be confused with the depletion of the ozone layer due to chlorofluorocarbons that increases the susceptibility to UV radiation from the sun. The greenhouse effect is the trapping of heat that cannot escape increasing temperatures higher than normal.

Greenhouse Effect in Cars

A similar effect is observed in automobiles in the parking lot on a hot sunny day as the car stays under the sun for a long period of time and as you enter, the temperature inside the car is higher than the already hot temperature outside the car. As heat enters the car through the glass windows, it is trapped and cannot escape. This can be partially avoided by opening the windows so heat can escape with some free flowing air as hot air comes out and cold air enters the car. Although this can be a security threat to the car, some people open their windows very partially, as to not compromise the car’s security and still get some heat escape. But the lesser space you keep open in your car windows, the less effective it becomes to battle the greenhouse effect within the car.

Effects of a Hot Car Internally

So the tendency is to turn on the air conditioner right away which then consumes more gasoline consumption as more engine power is required to run the air conditioner motor. Aside from spending more on gasoline, you spend more energy and energy is one resource we want to save since energy cost money. As the demand for energy increases, and the supply does not increase at the same or greater rate, problems may occur. That is why power outages are more common in the summer season as more people spend more energy in their efforts to cool their environment.

Keep Your Car Cool

Although opening the window partially may compromise your car’s security, maybe just a little space will help already. There are also some car coolers that can run even with your car not running in the parking lot, like the Auto Cool Solar Powered Car Fan. This keeps your car cooler thus saving energy. Aside from that, you get to save even more since the fan itself is powered by the sun. If the sun heats up your car, the sun will also help cool it down with the Auto Cool Solar Powered Car Fan.

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