Probably the Most Complete Advanced Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Wed, Sep 12, 2007


Almost Complete MS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

As I just came in work, I receive an email from Michael Weisfeld with an attached file of Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts from BNET. And in his email he asks…

Check this out… Benj are there any not on there :)

So here I go and I check it out. And I can say this spreadsheet is really like almost complete. A lot of things listed on it I am not even aware of. So I really appreciated the almost complete MS Excel keyboard shortcut cheat sheet. But as I looked through it, although the list is quite impressive, there were still a lot of keyboard shortcuts I personally do on Microsoft Excel that were not there.

I guess I find these shortcut keys way faster than pointing the mouse somewhere, I got used to these and they are just dialed-in to my system, and I love playing the piano as well so I like my fingers playing on the keyboard more than me playing the guitar. :) Before I used MS Excel, I was also a Lotus 123 user running on MS DOS during don’t ask me when. And during those days it was really a keyboard shortcut workout on spreadsheets.

The keyboard shortcuts I use frequently were really designed to have no shortcut, but in MS Windows, generally, the Alt key activates the menu bar of your open application and you can press the underlined letters to navigate through the menu using your keyboard.

I did notice that MS Excel 2007 totally has a different menu bar that my navigation shortcuts are visually not on the menu. But they still allowed it to be available and they still work. Actually if you are really an old school Lotus 123 DOS mode user, all commands you can get to by pressing the slash key. And I noticd even up to today, MS Excel 2007 still supports it. (Probably MS Word will still support many WordPerfect keyboard shortcuts.)

More Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

The shortcuts below are keyboard sequences or keys and are not keys press simultaneously. They are keyboard sequences that navigate through the old Microsoft Excel 2003 menu bar that is still supported on MS Excel 2007. Note again, not simultaneous, these are key sequences.

  • Delete a Column Shortcut
    Alt, E, D, C
  • Delete a Row Shortcut
    Alt, E, D, R
  • Insert a Column Shortcut
    Alt, I, C
  • Insert a Row Shortcut
    Alt, I, R
  • Adjust width of Column to Auto-Fit highlighted cell(s) contents Shortcut
    Alt, O, C, A
  • Adjust height of Row to Auto-Fit highlighted cell(s) contents Shortcut
    Alt, O, R, A
  • Adjust width of Column Shortcut
    Alt, O, C, w
  • Adjust height of Row Shortcut
    Alt, O, R, E
  • Hide a Column Shortcut
    Alt, O, C, H
  • Hide a Row Shortcut
    Alt, O, R, H
  • Unhide a Column Shortcut
    Alt, O, C, U
  • Unhide a Row Shortcut
    Alt, O, R, U
  • Paste Special – Values Shortcut
    Keyboard Right Click Button, S, V, Enter

Is there any other keyboard shortcut you use often that is not here? Add a comment below to list more.

Special mention to a few people: Terence Spencer D. Teves a former partner of mine in a small business that while working we used to try to out do each other on who knows the most keyboard shortcuts. And to Reginald Philip Alto and Ed Gacho used to talk about the same thing when I used to work with them teaching as a college undergrad chemistry lecturer at the DLSU Chemistry Department. I guess this also helped in knowing more keyboard shortcuts.

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  1. Lemski Says:

    Oh my goodness, I don’t think I can take everything! Seriously, I’m pretty comfortable with the usual keyboard shortcuts for Copy, Cut, File, etc.

  2. goooz Says:

    This is amazing!!!!

  3. budfox Says:

    Hide row – easier to do Ctrl 9
    Hide column – Ctrl 0
    Paste Special – Alt E S V instead of moving hand to mouse and back.

  4. Ron Says:

    Alt,D,P (brings up the pivot table wizard)
    Alt,D,F,F (Auto Filter Command)
    Alt,D,G,G (Groups columns or rows)
    Alt,D,G,U (Un-groups data)
    Alt,D,F,A (Advanced Filter)

  5. Pratik Says:

    wow what handy shortcut key. this is very useful to me.

  6. Kiran Says:

    Pls Add these also
    Alt+V,F: Show/Hide Formulabar
    Alt+V,p: Print view
    Alt+V,N: Normal view

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