Use multiple Yahoo Messenger accounts at the same time!

Wed, Sep 5, 2007

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Yahoo Messenger Multiple Accounts

For people who manage multiple accounts at the same time (yes I mean you – the one with a separate account for your workstuff, family stuff and naughty stuff), the time has come for you to use ALL your accounts at the same time!

What do I mean?

  • You don’t have to keep logging on and off anymore
  • You don’t have to use a Yahoo Messenger substitute like GAIM* that doesn’t let you use your avatars, audibles, backgrounds,  nor the buzz functionality
  • You don’t have to stoop down to oh-so-slow java programs online as YM alternates – like meebo*

Simple – no plugins to install (some of those could come with viruses), no hard to install equipment, hardware or software! And did I mention that there is a step-by-step video you can reference below?

Behold the simplest method that you can use to enable you to log-in simultaneously with your multiple yahoo accounts! See the video I have attached or follow the simple hack that needs less than 10 steps.

  1. Click on Start Menu
  2. Click Run
  3. Type “regedit” without the quotes, press Enter
  4. Navigate to and expand the following in the said order: HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Yahoo, pager, Test
  5. Right-click on Test and create a new DWORD value (32 bit).
  6. Rename that value as “Plural” without the quotes.
  7. Set the value of “Plural” to 1.

Of course, there is a downside to all of this:

  • Meebo still covers your tracks better than YM (that plus meebo is easier to get away with for you unlucky grunts who are not allowed to install YMs in the office)
  • GAIM will still have the better interface because of its tabbed nature.
  • We never know if Yahoo will support this hack come version 9 for YM.

But if you are a home user, you have 2-3 accounts, you have the real estate on your desktop (a.k.a. 21 inch monitors and above), and/or feel like getting those nutty audibles, avatars, smileys, emoticons, emvironments, webcam, voice chat, conference and all – then stick to whatever floats your boat.*

Source: Great Yahoo Trick – HackingVideo

* All copyrights and brand names are the ownership of their respective companies. Comparison between Yahoo Messenger, GAIM and meebo have not been subject to scientific testing. All opinions and comparisons written here are the personal opinions of the writer of this post and is not the opinion of YDS Web Solution, Inc., its staff, its management nor of this blog.

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  1. jigar Says:

    i try this and its reall work thank u so much now i can use my more then 10 id of yahoo at same time thank u so muchh ok

  2. Ed Says:

    It works, but after couple hours of running 2 ID at the same time, either 1 account was disconnected by itself and I have to sign on again. Is that normal or there is a fix to that. Thx.

  3. Benj Arriola Says:

    Hmmm, maybe Yahoo knows what’s going on. But please remember this is a hack and Yahoo was never intended to be used this way. But then again…

    Even with one account running, I sometimes experience getting disconnected and I need to reconnect after a few hours. Usually it is online traffic related.

  4. kakuei Says:

    works fine in BETA

  5. miko Says:

    the other day when i open my messenger there was a message coming from my other accnt , but for sure i didnt send it .. i think ive been hackked how can i prevent this ?

  6. ariel Says:

    thank you for the multiple yahoo accounts… i was amazed with it… i hope you can teach me some of basic skills in hacking…

  7. Arlyn Sanchez Says:

    Hi.. just want to know if its possible to open a single ym account/ID on two different computers? for example, i want to open my arlyn08 ym in my computer at home then i will open that same ym id (arlyn08) in my office so that i can receive messages in the office and my twin sister can receive messages also at home – at the same time. if its possible pls let us know.. thanks so much.

  8. Benj Arriola Says:

    Hi Arlyn, All your comments were received but this is moderated to avoid spammers so all the repeat comments were deleted. But to answer your question, it is not possible. The once another YM account logs in, the first one originally logged in gets logged out.

    If you use a software that by default reconnects if disconnected like Trillian. If you leave it logged it a work and you go home and login at home, your two Trillians will be in an endless battle of connecting and disconnecting in both locations.

  9. pmb Says:

    This whole thing is a hack and allows others into your yahoo and it gives the hacker access to your messenger so DONT USE THIS HACK ITS B******T!

  10. abhi Says:

    hey ,
    thanks a lot for the trick but
    I want to sign in with the same account at two locations, in yahoo messenger.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.

  11. harsh Says:

    i have done that all that stuff in regestry nt what to do while opening of yahoo messenger
    plzz sir reply me on my email id

  12. Praise Says:

    Hello Sir, i tried the stuff but i didnt get how to finish it pls mail me and let me know how the protocol ends. praise.

  13. Jazili Says:

    Cool, This is what I’ve been looking for, it kind a bit tricky when you have to do it manually from one account to another…, I suppose when you had multiple identity on the net, that is thing that you’ve gotto deal with…, this trully going to help me…


  14. Tim Says:

    This works with Vista and Yahoo IM 9…have fun everyone..

  15. Nadira Says:

    how i create multi account in yahoo at same time help me

  16. mela Says:

    Thanks a lot. This will really solve the problem that my sister and I are having with regard to logging in to our YM accounts.

  17. hailly Says:

    thanks a lot…

  18. ruby Says:

    how it works in vista? pls tell me how?

  19. ruby Says:

    pls i need an answer right now

  20. jamy Says:

    it doesnt work for me im using yahoo version 7

  21. hitesh Says:

    thnx dude,it’s really work for i can accesee more then 10 i.d thnx bussy

  22. nick Says:

    that was too easy thankx

  23. evilbrick Says:

    So how do you do this on Vista because when i go to set the value it doesn’t work?

  24. evilbrick Says:

    got the value to set to 1 but it still boots me out of my messenger if i try to sign in the same id again

  25. carleslie Says:

    cant believe this will work. but lo and behold, it worked! thanks for the wonderful tip. :)

  26. Jean Says:

    hi! i wanna learn how to hack a private profile in friendster.. can u help me??

  27. Jean Says:

    hey!! thank you so much mr. brainy! its working!! now i can use my ID’s at same time..tenxalot..:):):)

  28. ivan Says:

    can i use two messenger of same id from two different computer at same time?how to configure it?

  29. Micky Says:

    Can i log into 1 yahoo messnger account from two diffrent computers simultaneously ? plzz reply me on

  30. Nicole Says:

    I would like to kwow what my childrens are doing when i’m at the office. how i could keep logged in the same msn messenger account simultaneously in 2 different pc that runs windows messenger live, last version. if its possible please let us know. thank you so much.

  31. RenaissanceRiot Says:

    Nice tutorial, it works perfectly for me.
    Keep up with good work, dude! ;)
    Thank you.

  32. Dar sars melad Says:

    I want to sign in with the same account at two locations, in yahoo messenger.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.

  33. anurag Says:

    thanx buddy it realy helped

  34. ty Says:


  35. Prabhakar giri Says:

    It really works Boss. It is Great. Nice Very Nice

  36. samiullah Says:

    Thanks a lot

  37. ullasakurvi Says:

    hai I try this its working super thankyou very munch very good one i can login 2 different yahoo massanger

  38. raj Says:

    thanx man …u hav been of so much help

  39. dhvani Says:

    I want to sign in with the same account at two locations, in yahoo messenger.
    I’ll be very thankful to you

  40. Sam Says:

    Thankx…lot……………if u know how to increase the ADSL speed…internet speed send to me the video…………. thankx.

  41. Nirmal Adhiari Says:

    Thank u very much, its amazing and i feel like i would be more knowledgeable if u wish to infrom me about such stuffs in my adress.
    Hope u forward some useful tips & tricks regarding computer education
    With best regards.

  42. nitesh Says:

    thanks a lot it really worked

  43. kino Says:

    How can i turn if back to normal? because after I type “regedit” my screen turns to different version. Please help me. How can I turn it back? Thank u… xxx

  44. BlackOriginalSource Says:

    thanks it does work , thanks for sharing

  45. tushar Says:

    thanx alot ,first time any trick is fully working

  46. elena Says:

    how can i download of this version please help me…thanks reply asap

  47. anand Says:

    Its really awesome and work very well….
    thnks a lot

  48. Shiv Says:

    thanks, really it works. we feel proud to do this. once again thanks a lot.

  49. moarth Says:

    Nice, enjoying this!

    Pls. try revising an installer type for easier installation..

  50. sameer Says:

    not running this trick in my pc my yahoo messenger version 10
    tell me how to run it

  51. surbash Says:

    i wanna log in two id’s in same computer but both in yahoo messenger.
    how can i pls help me……..

  52. jander Says:

    tnx.. in just a minute reading your instruction.. iv’e try it and it really works..

  53. Shahed alam Says:

    Thank you so r great,really,if you find this like of hacking or any hacking software please mail me sir.please.You r great

  54. sunshine Says:

    wow man you are rl rl awesome .. thanks it really work !!!!!!!!!!
    thank you really ^^

  55. Hacking Tricks Says:

    That’s a nice one and it works like a charm.

  56. Vin Says:

    how do i sign in with the same account at two locations, in yahoo messenger. I’ve a workstation that I use for business and i would like to keep that one signed in with Archive option to ensure audit trail with the customers is maintained and another on my mobile to use when I’m not at my desk… is this possible?


  57. cedan Says:

    i have lost my secrect question for my yahoo id my help me to get it back

  58. deol Says:

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  59. Herb Says:

    Will this work for Yahoo email?

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    wooo its working honey! Thanks! Keep it up:)

  61. ivy Says:

    whoooh! this is great thank’s !^_^

  62. Miru Says:

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  63. isays Says:

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  64. arps Says:

    hi can you please tell me how can I log into the same yahoo messenger account from two different location. Please send me nthe solution at I will be thankful to you

  65. Oliver Says:

    If you try the above method and it does not work.
    Just simple use different browsers to open different accounts

  66. john Says:

    To using his multiple yahoo, is there any hick chance of my id, plz reply must

  67. sweets Says:

    thank you! i love it and it work,.,.,.,

  68. sentineL Says:

    This is a trick that yahoo inc. did not recommended. You accept this trick means hackers will be able to attack your PC and steal your secret informations

  69. emz lady Says:

    when i enter the regedit,,a registry editing had been disabled by my administrator,what does it mean,,guys please help me,,,

  70. nazmeen Says:

    its really work .its amazing to see .thanks for this

  71. neha Says:

    hey thanks it works.

  72. mani Says:

    It also working for Yahoo! Messenger 10.

  73. lachhu Says:

    thank you very much yar i like it bless you all!!!!!!!

  74. Bhushan Says:

    Nice trick,very usefull..I tried it n got it running multiple yahoo messenger accounts…

  75. megantoro Says:

    my YM chat screen is blank when sending message, help me to fix the problem please, thanks

  76. vikky Says:

    Thank u very much, its amazing and i feel like i would be more knowledgeable if u wish to infrom me about such stuffs in my adress.
    Hope u forward some useful tips & tricks regarding computer education
    With best regards.And one Query more plz tell me how to hack yahoo room mic plz tell me as soon

    vikky singh

  77. Prithi Says:


    Can you please let me know how can i track the yahoo chats and archives of same the id from different computers?

    It is very urgent for me. Please do reply asap.thanks

  78. manan Says:

    It works 4 me as well. nice support buddy

  79. Miragha Says:

    hello Sir that is really nice i am astonished by this trick of multiple yahoo ids signing in. plz send me the links of your other videos if you have done like the one of yahoo. i shall be very thankful to you. and keep me updated of any new tricks of hacks. thanks sir

  80. David Says:

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  81. imraan nazir Says:

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  82. Tony D'Souza Says:

    I tried to change the binary value but could not pls tell me how to do it in win7

  83. fred Says:

    hi this is a nice trick but how can u use webcam at the same time with both 2 ym you using. coz i tried to open the webcam on 2 ym my 2nd account say no webcam device detected even i use manycam. can u teach me how to run multi cam with multi ym pls. thanks

  84. shayan Says:

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